Monday, October 7, 2013

Effective Expert Witnessing: Practical Instruction Delivered by Experienced Professionals

We are pleased to announce the release of our Effective Expert Witnessing Course on Udemy! If you are interested in being an expert witness or have given it a try and are still wondering if it’s right for you, then read on.  

This self-paced, online course, with over four hours of content, was developed with the novice expert in mind. Our course is unique in that you will receive in-depth guidance from seasoned expert witnesses, as well as a practicing lawyer, and a social psychologist.  With their diverse backgrounds and vast knowledge and experience in expert witnessing, these presenters offer tips on a wide range of topics including appropriate demeanor in a deposition, what to include in an expert report, how to prepare for trial, and how to testify effectively in front of a jury.  Most successful experts have learned to be effective after years and years of honing their skills and going through trial and error. Our course helps shorten that time and minimizes the pitfalls by teaching you the “dos and don’ts” and the subtleties of being an effective expert witness.  To learn about the presenters and what is contained in the eight lessons, visit

Hurry! The next 25 registrants take the course for a discounted price of $199! Here’s your coupon code: Matson331

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