Environmental Forensics is…
  • “the systematic and scientific evaluation of physical, chemical and historical information for the purpose of developing defensible scientific and legal conclusions regarding the source or age of a contaminant release into the environment.” (from Morrison and Murphy)
  • “a technical discipline to encompass investigative methods, often associated with analytical chemistry, environmental fate assessment, environmental law, environmental fate and transport, computer modeling, geochemistry, toxicology, hydrogeology, and health risk assessment.” (from the 1st issue of Environmental Forensics)
  • our expertise. 

Our firm sits at a fascinating intersection of law and science, of the past and present, of traditional environmental consulting and forensics. As a result our blog seeks to provide insights from this unique realm. Our aim is to bridge the world of environmental consulting with the world of expert witnessing and the law, in a way that is accessible to both consultants, lawyers, and other experts.

Drawing on the individual and collective expertise of the firm and our employees, we write about environmental contamination, specific contaminants, federal and state regulations, testifying in court, working with lawyers, analyzing and communicating data, and much more. Our hope is to inform, educate, and foster discussion – we believe that participating in the blogosphere not only allows us to share our knowledge, but also to become more knowledgeable
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-The Matson & Associates Blogging Team

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